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MythForce (PC) eddcbf7e-649f-42ee-b7d8-231e10889094
📧 Digitalna dostavaIgra za PC Datum izida: 20.04.2022a
Založnik: Aspyr Razvijalec: Beamdog Inc. Platforma: EPIC KEYLESS


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€23,99 z DDV
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THE 80S CALLED— THEY WANT THEIR ROGUELITE BACK Become a cartoon hero in a bodacious 80s fantasy world. Scratch that nostalgic itch with wholesome fun that’s easy to pick up and play (but tough to master). Level up as you explore the dungeon, uncovering magical artifacts and upgrades to make you say “I HAVE THE POWER!” GRIPPING 1ST-PERSON SWORDS & SORCERY Wield legendary weapons and powerful magic to smite hordes of enemies in an immersive fantasy dungeon-crawl through a colorful cartoon castle. TEAM UP TO FIGHT EVIL! Brave the dungeon alone or join forces in co-op mode for up to 4 players. Choose your team wisely— each hero brings unique skills to the fight! EXPLORE AN EVER-CHANGING CASTLE OF EVIL Fresh adventures await with each new attempt to storm the keep! Explore a replayable dungeon with treasure, traps, and terrors lurking around every corner. MEET THE HEROES OF MYTHFORCE Victoria the valiant Knight joins forces with Rico the charming Rogue, Maggie the wise Mage, and Hawkins the deadly Hunter. Together, they form the legendary team known as… MythForce! These courageous champions are all that stand between Eldryth and the tyranny of the vampire lord, Deadalus. Will our heroes prevail against the many malevolent minions, tricks, and traps in his ever-changing dungeon? Tune into the adventure to find out!

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